About Us

Moving can often be a stressful and chaotic ordeal, especially when you lack access to the right resources. While careful planning can go a long way towards ensuring the entire process is smooth and successful, seeking help from professionals can often make a world of difference. From access to the vehicles, equipment, and other resources needed to complete the move to the expertise that may reduce the risk of an accident, mishap, or even a potential injury, it pays to seek help from the best.

Planning a Long-Distance Move

A cross-country move typically entails several unique challenges. Attempting a long-distance move without access to the full range of assistance, services, and other resources that may be required to complete the process can be nothing short of a disaster. Working with Move the Block Moving & Storage can mean a whole lot more than just having someone else do the heavy lifting. We have ways to handle route planning, shipping, and storage options, and even access to an appropriate moving vehicle to allow you to enjoy an issue-free move.

Equipment, Experience, and Expertise

Trying to make do without blankets, straps, and other necessary equipment can lead to many problems. At Move the Block Moving & Storage, our first-hand experience can be helpful when it comes to finding the best way to transport your hard-to-move items. From knowing how to maneuver heavy furniture and bulky items in tight quarters to ensuring the safe operation of a dolly, lift, or moving truck, our team of experienced professionals can play a vital role in every aspect of your next move.

Storage Options and Solutions

Off-site storage is another resource that commonly goes overlooked when planning a move. Having a safe and convenient place to keep boxes, furnishings, and other items can greatly simplify the process. The benefits of off-site storage we offer include:

  • being able to break the move into smaller steps
  • reduce the clutter to streamline the process and ensure safe working area
  • sync schedules and timetables with greater ease

Trying to complete the move in a single trip is not always the best approach. Move the Block Moving & Storage’s storage solutions are a terrific resource, one that may allow you greater flexibility when planning a cross-country move.

Working With the Best

At Move the Block Moving & Storage, we provide more than just manual labor. From safety to convenience, trusting us to handle your next move can allow you to avoid some of the most common and potentially expensive mistakes and mishaps that may crop up along the way. Moving to a new city can be an exciting opportunity, and choosing to do business with the right moving service will provide you with peace of mind and help to alleviate much of the stress and anxiety during a big move.