Tactics Professional Moving Companies Use to Make Moving In Speedier

So you’ve packed up your house, and you’re planning to move across the country. Even though you hired movers, you’re worried that it may still take a while to get things settled, and you’re wondering if it’s also worth it to bring along that heirloom Wurlitzer piano your mother-in-law left you. How can you be sure that the moving company will be quick and efficient, making sure that everything gets to the destination quickly and safely? Here are five techniques moving companies use to expedite the moving process.

1. Organization is Key

The first thing that movers try and do is establish an organizational scheme for your move. It is a pretty straightforward system, and they accomplish it by packing away items from each room nearby one another. For instance, if the movers pack up the living room first, the couch, television, and other pieces will all be in the back of the truck, while everything from each bedroom will be together. It’s not always the best strategy for space, but when removing items from the vehicle, entire rooms get moved into position rapidly.

Movers pack things by room to keep everything organized.

2. Furniture Disassembly

This one seems obvious, but it is a lot easier to move disassembled furniture. At the origin and destination, the movers have a team of individuals focused solely on disassembling and assembling furniture, so that the other group can concentrate on packing and unpacking the house as quickly as possible.

3. Packing Clothes Together

Another seemingly obvious one, but it’s more than even just packing them into boxes. Cheap Movers Baltimore, a cross country mover in Baltimore, MD, says movers will take an entire rack of clothes, hangers and all, and wrap them in plastic wrap so that they are immediately able to put them back when they arrive at the destination. They take many precautions with clothing, but they are incredibly efficient when packaging them up, taking up little space, and being able to pack and unpack in very little time.

Clothes are packed together efficiently to make unpacking easy.

4. Packing Seasonally

Skilled professionals will pack away all of your lesser-used items first – seasonal decor, clothing, and similar things. By doing this, they can keep the least essential items packed away longer, and can spend appropriate time on the necessary pieces.

5. Packing Boxes Efficiently

According to the pros at U-Haul, by putting heavier items on the bottoms of boxes and filling them enough to support structural integrity without overfilling them, movers establish a structure that allows for high stacking and tight filling. It helps them to fill the space in the truck as efficiently as possible. It also ensures that boxes aren’t overfilled or too heavy.

If you’re moving, look into finding a qualified professional moving service, because they have much more experience in this area. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for prices and estimated timelines. Moving is a stressful event, and doing it by yourself is even worse. It helps to have experienced workers take care of the heavy lifting, literally, for you. They can also guide you with what things to bring separately and what to leave behind altogether.

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